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Volunteer Information

Please review Vida Charter School's Volunteer Manual linked below.

Vida Charter School Volunteer Manual


How to volunteer?

The following items must be submitted to the school office or sent to before volunteering. This information and all of the school policies, procedures and recommendations for volunteering are found in the Volunteer Manual.

  1. Submit Pennsylvania State Background Check Clearance (Act 34 or PATCH). This is available online at When you apply, please mark “Volunteer,” and there will be no charge. The clearance can be printed out and submitted to the office.
  2. Submit Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance (Act 151 or Public Welfare). This form is available from Check that you are a volunteer. The clearance will be sent to you and you can submit it to the school record.
  3. FBI Federal Criminal History Records (Act 114) Register and schedule an appointment at 1KG6Q9 (code needed when registering) . When you apply, please mark “Volunteer.” Then you will need to be fingerprinted (usually the LIU in New Oxford). After you are fingerprinted, the school will look up the results of the record using your Registration ID. *Volunteers who have lived in Pennsylvania for the past 10 consecutive years or longer may sign an affidavit instead of submitting FBI fingerprinting. The affidavit can be obtained from the school office.